Communications, Security & Alarm Systems

Communication SecurityCommunication and security design encompasses a wide array of systems including traditional voice, VOIP, data (fiber and copper), intercom, paging, music, nurse call, MATV, network video systems (NVS), card access, and security. Current technology, flexibility for future expansion, construction budget, and maintainability or owning costs are important considerations to the design of these systems.

Fire Alarm System Design

Fire alarm system design requires a thorough knowledge of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and related building codes. In addition, the latest technology, building finishes and occupancies, maintenance, and testing requirements impact system design.

The safety of occupants and visitors is the most important function in considering the design of the system.

Other design considerations include the protection of company assets such as equipment and data, the flexibility for remodeling and growth, and the costs related to the initial installation of the system.