Employee Testimonials

"At PTA Engineering, employees have the opportunity to work on unique projects involving various systems to expand their skill set. Great pride is taken in the quality of work and the end product, which gives employees a great sense of accomplishment when a design comes to fruition. PTA also provides continuing education for the always advancing and evolving consulting industry, which keeps employees on the cusp of technological advances. Overall, the engineering experience at PTA develops well rounded engineers."

- Brian Makan, P.E.

“PTA has taught me how to apply my engineering degree in a practical fashion to provide a highly valued service to individuals and organizations seeking quality engineering design and expertise. We are trained to apply forward thinking skills to seek out underlying obstacles that may cause bidding and construction problems for our clients. The development of these skills makes us valuable in a variety of different markets, ranging from industrial food process design to data centers to healthcare. This variety of experience allows us to cross apply our experience into different markets where there is an application that provides value to the customer.”

- Eric Wright, P.E.