Engineering Surveys & Studies

Engineering SurveysEngineering Surveys

Today’s high reliability or mission critical facilities need accurate and thorough documentation of infrastructure systems. This information can be a valuable tool for the effective facility operation, maintenance and responsible planning. We have assembled and continue to maintain master documents for Electrical Distribution, Voice/Data, Fire Alarm, HVAC Fire/Smoke Damper, AHU System Coverage, and Medical Gas Systems for many of our clients. Production and upkeep of these documents require close record keeping and field investigations.

Our detailed understanding of an existing facility can be a significant benefit when evaluating alternatives during design of expansion construction projects. It is also provides valuable knowledgebase and perspective in the design of systems for new facilities.

Engineering Studies

Analysis of a facility’s electrical power distribution system for short circuit, overcurrent protection coordination and arc flash are provided and updated for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. PTA Engineering’s attention to detail and knowledge of “real world” conditions combine to produce a good document for facility operations.

Our staff is skilled in the study and evaluation of effective air flow in data centers. We combine our experience with the latest in tile flow software to optimize equipment selection and placement. These studies are valuable in comparing the different flow conditions under maintenance or equipment failure situations.