Lighting Systems

Lighting SystemsLighting systems are designed primarily for functional use, visual comfort, and energy efficiency.

The design process has changed dramatically in recent years. Today’s designs present more challenges than in the past including:

  • The advent of new light sources (LEDs) and associated fixture designs.
  • The integration of light fixture drivers, dimming flexibility and sophisticated controls.
  • Increasingly aggressive building energy codes. 
  • Wide variation of energy code application by states and local jurisdictions.
  • Consolidation of lighting manufacturers.

LED Light Sources

The lighting industry today is going through an extremely dynamic period.

The use of LED (light emitting diode) light sources has opened up a wide variety of opportunities for new design and increased energy efficiency. Commercial, industrial, institutional, and to some extent, residential lighting fixtures have become integrated lighting instruments. Traditional fixture housings with replacement “lamps” are no longer the format for many lighting installations. LED light sources are typically unique and an integral part of the fixture. This integrated fixture/source lighting brings many important considerations to the design process.

There are a multitude of new manufacturers selling lighting equipment. Many of them can provide a quality product, BUT, many of them overstate capabilities and will not be around to support the extended warranty periods that are claimed.

Light Controls

Lighting controls is also an area of rapid change.

This dynamic market can be treacherous and navigating the numbing volume of options is an important service our firm can provide. We follow the new product developments and temper our selection and design with the idea of long term owning costs.