PTA Engineering Welcomes Engineering Co-op Students

May 31, 2016
PTA Engineering welcomes back Jared Alexander for his 3rd term on the Electrical Team along with Martin Tomaiko, Mechanical, and Tyler Beine, Electrical, for their 2nd terms.  All attend The University of Akron, School of Engineering. PTA...

Congratulations Ryan Brown

Mar 04, 2016
PTA Engineering congratulates Ryan Brown, CPDT, on obtaining a Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from The University of Akron School of Engineering.  Ryan has been an essential collaborator and contributor to...

PTA Engineering Welcomes 2016 Interns

Mar 04, 2016
PTA Engineering welcomes back Emily Slovan returning to the Mechanical team along with first-term intern Anne Davis.  On the Electrical team, PTA welcomes first-term intern Riley Roland.  All interns currently attend The University of...

PTA Engineering Welcomes New Mechanical Engineer

Aug 01, 2015
Mechanical Engineer, Misha Alekseyev, PE, joins PTA Engineering full-time. Misha is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Engineering and brings 11 years of mechanical engineering design to PTA. His work experience in the...

PTA Engineering Welcomes New Employees and Interns

Jun 01, 2015
PTA Engineering welcomes full-time Electrical Engineers Adam Spray and Justin Fiser. Both Adam and Justin worked three terms as interns for PTA Engineering and graduated this spring from The University of Akron, College of Engineering....

Brian Makan & Tom Myers Become Professional Engineers

Jan 01, 2015
Brian Makan, a 2010 graduate of Arizona State University, College of Engineering, and Tom Myers, a 2009 graduate of The University of Akron, College of Engineering, were recently notified of their successful completion of the Professional...