LeBron James Arena Opens

Dec 01, 2013
PTA Engineering was recognized during the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new St. Vincent-St. Mary Sports Arena. PTA donated engineering services for the new LED lighting and control systems as well as the upgrade of facility electrical and...

PTA Engineering Completes UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Upgrades

Aug 01, 2013
PTA Engineering in the past 3 years has designed 8 UPS Upgrades for its clients. In the active data center environment, this is similar to changing your tires as you cruise down Route 77. The designing of UPS Upgrades is an expanding area...

2013 ASHRAE Technology Award

Mar 01, 2013
PTA Engineering won 1st Place for Region V and Honorable Mention at the Society Level (International) for the Verizon Wireless - Twinsburg Data Center project. The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by members...