Cleveland Clinic Akron General Emergency Dept.

Cleveland Clinic Akron General's new $50 million emergency department is a new ground up building, adding 65,900 square feet to the existing hospital campus. The building is a free-standing structure, located where the old laundry processing facility once stood, across the street from the current emergency department and main hospital. This facility is fully integrated with the Cleveland Clinic health network, which recently acquired Akron General.  PTA Engineering provided MEP design, bidding and construction administration services on this project.

The new two-story building provides many upgraded emergency service facilities. The first floor emergency department features general treatment areas, triage, level 1 trauma services, behavioral treatment area, isolation treatment areas (for infectious disease control), a decontamination treatment area, a 16-bed short term observation area, a protective environment treatment room (for immunosuppressed patients), an imaging center with a CT scan and two x-ray rooms, and an urgent care treatment center. Each of these room categories has unique requirements which were designed to meet FGI/AIA guidelines for healthcare facilities.  The structure also includes a bridge across the street to tie the new facility back into the existing main hospital.

The building was designed utilizing the most up-to-date concepts in the construction industry, including Lean design, pull planning for design and construction schedule development, and collaboration with design assist partners. The construction team was fully involved in assisting with the design and planning for the facility, and many innovative prefabrication techniques were developed and implemented to save on construction labor hours and to reduce installation durations.