Cuyahoga Co. Public Library - Administration Building HVAC Upgrade

This CCPL project consisted of replacing the existing hydronic heating water boiler plant with a new high-efficiency condensing water boiler plant and replacing seven rooftop air handling unit systems. The new boiler plant provides the same heating capacity with less natural gas. In addition to replacing the aged HVAC systems in the facility, the roof was scheduled to be replaced. Roof replacement design was completed by Taylor Consulting Group. The design specification included complete removal and replacement of the steep slope and low slope roof systems in order to prevent further damage to the structural components of the building, prevent roof detachment from wind related pressures, and avoid damage to the interior contents from roof leaks.

The roof replacement was completed on time and under budget, providing cost savings to the library through effective design and project management (avoiding costly over runs and change orders) as well as supplying the library with a quality, long-term sustainable roof asset. All work was scheduled and completed in a manner that maintained building occupancy throughout the entire construction period. The project cost was $1,200,000. PTA Engineering provided project management, MEP engineering and construction administration services.