Western Dairy Specialties

The $30 million Western Dairy Specialties milk processing and bottling plant is touted as a state of the art, eco-friendly facility. The building is designed to process 600,000 gallons of milk per week with caseless distribution of the milk to market. With the vision of Creative Edge, and the leadership of project architects, Structura Ltd., PTA was involved in the utility design to support the building operations and the process operations.

The heart of the utility is the central plant. Mechanically this involves three (3) 150hp boilers, and three (3) 250 ton ammonia chillers chilling 35% propylene glycol solution down to a base temperature of 21°F. Electrically, the facility is equipped with a 4,000 amp service with load monitoring and metering for facility energy tracking.

PTA Engineering designed ancillary systems originating from the central plant to support the following processes and functions:

  • 28°F fluid and 75psi steam to support: pasteurization, and maintenance cooling for stored raw and pasteurized milk silos.
  • 35°F fluid for on-site milk bottle blow molding process.
  • 21°F fluid for fan coil units used to cool the bottled milk storage waiting to be shipped.

Plumbing systems include basic domestic water, sanitary and vent systems to support the building and a specialized process waste designed to collect and store the effluent for reclaim or proper conditioning for disposal.

A byproduct of the milk processing is “cow water”. This product is filtered thru a reverse osmosis filter system and stored for uses such as the clean-in-place (CIP) processes, and make-up water for the boiler system and propylene glycol solution.